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   In our research group we're exploring the fundamental physics and potential quantum information (QI) applications of systems comprised of electrons confined to reduced dimensionality and superconducting circuit based quantum bits (qubits). Additionally, we're creating hybrid quantum systems with novel properties and functionality by bringing together materials and devices with a variety of interacting degrees of freedom.

Extremely low temperatures (T ~ 10 mK) and high magnetic fields (up to 14 T) are required to produce the exotic quantum properties in the materials and devices that we  investigate. These hybrid systems are prepared using modern nano-fabrication techniques available in the Keck Microfabrication Facility here at MSU. Once the samples and devices are ready, we cool them down in our state-of-the-art quantum measurement lab and use a diverse set of experimental techniques, including high field magneto-transport and advanced microwave and surface acoustic wave techniques, to study their fascinating quantum behavior and develop methods to control their properties.

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