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Mazin Khasawneh

Mazin’s primary interests while he was a postdoc in the group were associated with the coupling of piezeoelectric surface acoustic waves to graphene with the goal of creating density tunable acoustoelectric devices. Mazin was also instrumental in helping to turn the LHQS from an empty room into the state-of-the-art quantum measurement lab that it is today! He is currently an Instructor in the Science Department at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy

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Anna Turnbull

Anna graduated from MSU in 2017 and was a part of the initial team that built the LHQS from the ground up! During her time in the group Anna worked to help implement our first experiments coupling surface acoustic wave techniques to graphene devices.

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Joshua Milem

Josh graduated from MSU in December 2017 and joined the Ph.D. program at IST Austria in January 2018. He's currently working on topological quantum computing experiments.  During his time at MSU Josh worked on Monte Carlo simulations of 2d electron systems in a collaborative effort to ultimately achieve novel qubit states on the surface of liquid helium.